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I grew up in the Midwest, the oldest of three kids raised by our two loving, involved and supportive parents. My parents are still married.

I had a very happy childhood and that is exactly what I want to provide for my own daughter.

Soon after my daughter’s 1st birthday, her mom and I divorced. Although my daughter won’t be raised by her parents together in the same household, I don’t see why that has to change anything about how happy my daughter can be and how loved she can feel.

  • When I was eight, I stood behind Bill Murray to pee at Wrigley Field.
  • Late at night, I once played dress-up at Tim Tebow’s locker inside of The Swamp.
  • In my mid-twenties, I won an eating challenge. I’ve since learned that an eating challenge is easy. What’s really challenging about eating is not becoming obese once you’re an adult who can buy yourself any food you want at any time of any day.
  • I’ve been interviewed on live TV by the 6 o’clock news. When the reporter asked me what my prediction was for the Florida vs. Kentucky basketball game, I responded “WE’RE GONNA RIP KENTUCKY A NEW ONE!” Once we were off the air, the reporter told me I may have violated FCC guidelines for the station.
  • Nirvana is my favorite band and they always will be. This hasn’t changed since 1994, when I was in 6th grade. I listen to a lot of Nirvana with my daughter, usually by her request. #prouddad

I hope you enjoy your time here at The DadaDADiest!!!

Many thanks — G.W.P.

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