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The goal of TheDadaDADiest.com is to provide entertaining content, inspired by my journey as a dad to my daughter — a blend of real-life experiences, satire, and advice (advice I probably shouldn’t be giving). I want to properly represent our slogan: “Dadlife. detailed.” I aim for it to be interesting, clever, and unique for those who visit.

I chose the name The DadaDADiest because I am a Dad first and foremost. “The DadaDADiest” has a couple of hidden meanings in its name.

First, it says “Dad” in it three times (dadadad)iest. Three is the same number of names most Dad’s will be called by their children throughout their life — Dada, Daddy, Dad.

The DadaDADiest also verbalizes those three names (“Dad” and “Dadi” overlap) — Dada-(D)(A)(D)i-est. The “est” at the end is no different than the “est” at the end of “funniest.” If you’re called the funniest, someone is telling you that your sense of humor is elite. If you’re called the DadaDADiest, you’re all about being an elite Dad, through every stage of your child’s upbringing, represented by each of the three names they will call you during their maturation.

You pronounce “DadaDADiest” like so: Dada-Daddy-est.

Now that the name is explained, I’d like to delve into the influences of this website — both past and present — and portray where I’d like it to be in the years coming.

Ever since I was a boy, I have enjoyed writing — both writing my own essays and studying the work of the authors I admired. The writers that influenced me the most were the ones who wrote whatever they wanted, however they wanted, and showed no concern of offending their audience or embarrassing themselves — ones that were unapologetic and brave in their work. David Sedaris, Tupac Shakur, and Charles Bukowski are three examples. For me, these types of writers come off as the most genuine to read because their voice is unique — it is theirs. Only they write what they do the way they do.

I am by no means claiming I possess even a smidget of the talent my writing influences had, but I am striving to be as bold and brave as them in my writing.

In the last year, I have built up the confidence to write whatever I wanted to write and create whatever I wanted to create. I stopped caring if someone might view me as weird or confusing or annoying just because they didn’t mesh with what I had to say. I began to realize that posting my work for the world to see was something I’ve wanted to do for many years, but was too hesitant to do in the past.

In life, I am a sarcastic person. I joke a lot. I don’t try to find a joke in everything, but many times, a joke or slick remark is what my mind creates for me first. Much like the authors I admire, I wanted to honor my own voice in my writing and create essays or projects that express the tone of my mood at that time correctly. I enjoy satirical humor and sarcasm a great deal, so you will see those elements in my writing almost always — that’s what makes writing most fun for me.

In creating the concept of this site, I also wanted to incorporate the most important thing in life to me — being a Dad to my daughter — and include the most important person in my life, my daughter.

I decided I was going to begin a blog that mostly depicts all aspects of being a dad to my little girl. The lessons I’ve learned, the things she’s taught me, the journey’s we’ve been on, and whatever else comes out of me. I want to keep this as a working blog throughout my daughter’s entire childhood, and perhaps even after. I want there to be something unique left behind to recall the years that have passed us.

I also want to make people laugh. I want people to enjoy reading what I have to say. I hope that is the case, and I hope TheDadaDADiest.com grows into something many people visit.

TheDadaDADiest.com was created in November 2019 & went live in January 2020.

Published: 1/11/2020. Copyright © 2020 TheDadaDADiest.com