My Wonderful & Illiterate 3 Year-old Read a Story to Me: A Showcase of her Imagination & Memories

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It’s not her fault that she can’t read — she’s three. I’m not even sure she comprehends that she actually doesn’t know how to read, and that’s OK.

I asked my little girl to read to me.

I wanted to see what she had to say and how she said it.

I gave her my full attention, to assist her with gaining confidence in her narration skills.

Perhaps most important, the book I asked her to read had zero illustrations, thus preventing plagiarism, while sparking her memories & land of make-believe.

I recorded her story-time session, because I want her voice at this exact age to be displayed. If I summarized this or wrote this out in my own voice, she’d lose hers.

The only part of her book that I wrote is the title, because she left that out. Every single word you see in bold (including “but then”) are her prose.

If you have a young child not yet able to read, try this out with them. You’ll give them their first platform in public speaking.

We hope you enjoy my daughter’s book!!!


A Thrill-ride Packed Full of Suspense!!!

Little Miss DadaDADiest

1. Well, one time there was Humpty Dumpty his name, hunting gold…

2. But thennnn, I got LLLLLLOSSST!

(She looked up at me to gauge my shock).

3. But Humpty Dumpty was in the forest.  He was LLLLOSSSSTTT!

(Another glance up at my face to measure my disbelief).

4. Humpty Dumpty said that he got scared.  IT WAS A MONSTER!!!

(Checks my face to see if my teeth are chitterchattering yet).

5. Then the shadow turned into a MONSTER!  IT WAS A BEAR!!!

(Checks to see if I’m whimpering from fright).

I am..

6. There was a monster that, Humpty Dumpty was lost!

And he got lost when he saw another monster!!!

He ran on a dangerous bridge. 

Humpty dumpty was lost.


what happened, there was a BEARMONSTER! 

He got there safely.

And he loves his family.


the baby Humpty Dumpty started crying!


she had to go to bed and she felt better.


the words started talking that Humpty Dumpty got sad cause he touched Elf for Christmas.  He shouldn’t do that…

Elf could be a boy or a girl… 

But you DON’T TOUCH HIM, cause then, but Santa doesn’t like it!

10. BUT THEN… what happened is Humpty Dumpty eat cheese.  Pepper cheese, but he didn’t like it.

BUT THEN… he didn’t like it.

BUT THEN… he like it.

BUT THEN… he had it for dinner with his Mommy and he had broccoli and tomatoes with mac n cheese!!!

BUT THEN… he had a snack with grapes.

11. And he brought his friends.  His Humpty Dumpty friends.  And he go to the carnival.


Humpty Dumpty didn’t like the Chomp Chomp Dinosaur…  But, he like it.


he got to ride the HORSEY RACECARS!!! (aka the carousel)

12. And there was a CAT!!!

There was Humpty Dumpty but he was with his cat. 

And he had paws, and it SCRATCHED HIM!!!


there was a door by there and he had to go into his room and sleep. 

But there is no more words in here.  Yep.



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