Enjoying The Finer Things of 2020: a Q&A with My 3 Year-Old Girl & a Soft Rock Classic

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Recently, I was driving around town with my daughter, jamming out to the pleasing sounds of Steve Winwood’s “The Finer Things.” This musical gem officially became the Summer’s most requested song from my backseat. It also helped spark the inspiration I needed to begin writing this post — one that proudly ends a three month blogging hiatus for me at The DadaDADiest.

Working through uncertain times during the Summer of 2020 — while dealing with daily temperatures hot enough to make Satan’s butthole proclaim “This is hot, even for me” — took away some of the zest I require to spend the hours it takes to write, design, compose, and edit a post such as this.

Guided by the message in Winwood’s “The Finer Things,” I curiously asked my daughter all about her current Covid life. Her answers brightened my spirit. Regardless of how Coronavirus has changed her routine, or heightened her nostalgia, she always found something positive she’d rather focus her energy on.

Her message stood as a reminder for myself to always strive to find the good in complicated situations. Whether she knows it or not, her consistently upbeat, pragmatic personality is a perfect example of the advice offered in our favorite song of the 2020 Summer:

“For time is a river, rolling into nowhere.

We must live while we can,

and we’ll drink our cup of laughter.

The Finer Things Keep Shining Through.”

I hope you enjoy our interview…


Alright, missy! Here come the questions! You ready? “Mmmhmm.”

How come we all have to wear those masks on our faces? “Because… the stores IS THE GERMS!!!” The stores are “the germs?” YEAH!”

Gotcha, gotcha. A couple more questions about “the germs.” What are “the germs?” “Uh. Uh. ‘The Germs’ are on the wall and on everything.

They’re on the wall? “Yes. And everything.”


And where do “the germs” come from? “They come from, they come from, they come from here (pointing at nothing).”

From here? “Yeah.”

Where from here? “They come from our danger.”

Our danger? “Yeah.”

Oh, true…


What do “the germs” do? “They make everyone sick.” That’s right, they do.

Are “the germs” gonna go away? “Yes! SOON!”

Soon? When are they gonna go away? “Uh, tomorrow.”

What has to happen for “the germs” to go away? “Wellllll. All. Well, well. Your friend. Well. (sighs loudly). Well, your friends from work just said that. All of your friends from work, ya know.” I see…

How come it’s important not to touch stuff when we leave home? “Because “the germs” are still here. Because, if they don’t come tomorrow or all of the days, then I guess they wanna stay here? I guess?” Ahh. That’s right. That’s very true.

And why is it important to wash your hands? “Because you go into your house when you have germs on your hands.”

That’s right. And why do you wash them off? Because if the germs are not off, maybe a grown-up can help you.”

That’s right, very good.

“Or maybe if you’re in your car you can use sand-ham-matizer?”

Hand. HAND sanitizer. “Hand-samma-tizer.”


“–But why are you saying ‘SANTA SANTA’?’ Can you just say, “ohyeahyeahyeah, oops, sorry Santa, I didn’t mean to.”

SAN-NAH! Not SANTA. SAN… NAH… TIE… Z– “–You have to say it like this: Ooops? Haha, sorry Santa.”

Oops-whoops-sorry-Santa. I’m sorry to Santa. Bye, Santa.

Santa said he was too busy to talk, but wants me to ask you more questions. “Oh.” Yep.

So, tell me this. What do the germs look like? “They look like… Germs.”

They look like germs? “Of course they do.” Oh yeah, gotcha.

Preschool Dropout

Tell me, what do you miss about school? “Miss Michelle.”

Awww. “And my friends. One of my friends gets mad and happy…”

“My friend gets happy and mad and all of the feelings that my friend gets, ya know?”

I see. Is there anything else you miss about school? “Yeah (sighs). Everything about school… My good friends…”

One of my friends — SHE’S MY GOOD FRIEND — she doesn’t get mad, she only gets happy like me!” Awww, that’s so sweet.

“Yeah! She hugs me like this (I get a hug) and then she goes and looks at me and smiles. Aww, well that’s so sweet and that’s so nice. You deserve to have nice friends like that. It’s nice to hangout with friendly people, isn’t it? “Yeah.”

Is there any kind of fun stuff you miss doing in school? “Uh, yeahhhh. I miss eating my lunch when you’d pack me a lunch for me…

THERE IS GONNA BE A NEW TEACHER CALLED AUNT AMY!” Well, are you excited that one day once all “the germs” are gone that you can go back to school, and meet some new friends and do some new art projects? “Sure, that there’s GONNA BE A NEW TEACHER THAT MICHELLE IS GONNA BE GONE!”

Well who knows who the new teacher will be, but yeah, you’ll have a new teacher and she’ll be fun, and friendly, and she can teach you new things, and new songs, and all that fun stuff! “Yeah, it’s gonna be AUNT AMY! And she’s gonna be a GOOD! TEACHER!”

You think so?! “Yeah she’s gonna be a new teacher and I’m excited for her. To beee. A newww. Teacher. When she’s at, school!” OH GOOD!!!

Sounds like you’d really like that! Let’s hear alllll about the things you like!

These are a few of my Favorite Things

SO!.. What… is your favorite song? “YERVANNNNA! (Nirvana).”

Which Nirvana song? “On a Plane!!!”

Sweet! That’s a good one. “Yeah! It’s Nirvana-Baby-Swimmin’-Lessons, ya know…” It sure is!

“Can you hang-up a picture of me when I was a little baby goin’ potty?” What? Why?

“Can you just say ‘oh sure, sounds like a plan!” Nah, I’m not gonna say that cause I’m not hanging up a picture of you as a baby going potty… Plus, babies don’t use the potty. They go potty in their diapers.

“Oh. But I don’t think I ever wore diapers when I was a baby.” You wore diapers but don’t worry, it wasn’t for long. Now! Back to the interview…

OK, ya gotta tell me… What’s your favorite food? “BROCK-ALI”

Mmm. I like broccoli too! How about your favorite candy? “REESE’S PEANUT CUTTER-BUPPS!”

What’s your favorite snack? “GOLDFISH!”

And what’s your favorite thing to drink? “Uhhhhhh, fruit punch and chocolate milk and water.”

What’s your favorite toy? “Ummm, MY WITCH!”

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free-time? “Ummm play our games.”

Which games? “Matching!”

What is your favorite thing to learn? “Uhhhh, hmmm… Let me see… Hmmm… Play with ‘helicoffters’ and rescue something if someone is dead.” Oh man…

“Like, this ‘helicoffter’ saves someone… OK?!” OK, gotcha, alright…

What are your favorite clothes to wear? “Uh, hmm. My napjacket.” Your napjacket? “Yeah.”

What’s your napjacket? “My napjacket is when I go to sleep, fall’d asleep in your car.” Oh right, gotcha.

Who is your best friend? “Uhhhhhhhhhh. Bob.” Cool, cool.

And what is your favorite book? “The Big Bad Woof.” The Big Bad Wolf? That’s a good one.

“Hey! How come you got that ripped email right there on your desk?!” (she’s pointing at an empty bill envelope). Oh, that’s not an email, that’s just mailbox mail. Emails are on the computer.

“But why is that email ripped?” Oops. Next time I’ll try not to rip it…

Alright, give me a hug. That was very good. I love you. “I love you too.”

Thanks for the interview! I loved it! “You’re welcome!”


And there you have it. I’d say my little girl has the right idea through all of this mess.

Never did she express any negativity with how her world has changed. She has stayed positive, adapted to the restrictions of our safety guidelines, and hangs onto a bright outlook when envisioning the things she wants to do, but can’t do now.

For her, the finer things keep shining through.

Published 9/28/2020. Copyright (c) 2020. TheDadaDADiest.com